How the Best CBD Hemp Flower is Grown on Certified Organic Farm to Make CBD Oil Products

How the Best CBD Hemp Flower is Grown on Certified Organic Farm to Make CBD Oil Products

John from visits an Organic CBD Hemp farm that grows the best CBD flower and produces the highest quality organic full-spectrum CBD oil that you can buy.

John visits the Fat Pig Society, an educational farm and worker-owned cooperative, in this episode. Their mission is to educate farmers and people about the incredible hemp plant.

This episode will explain more about hemp, and the differences between it and its related cannabis. Hemp can also have intoxicant effects.

This certified organic farm will show you how hemp is grown and processed to make the finest full-spectrum organic hemp oil products.

Learn more about organic growing methods, how they make sure their product doesn’t get too hot, and how much THC is in this
You will find out more about the fertilizer used and how hemp flowers are processed to make the full-spectrum oil that is made on the farm.

Learn more about the products made from whole spectrum extract. You can also private label them to start your own CBD hemp company and help others improve their health.

John will then interview a worker from the fat pork society to learn more about hemp. You can also find out how you can get free hemp products, and how to start your own business selling high-quality hemp products.

This episode will teach you more about CBD hemp than you can from reading online articles. You can learn from an organic farmer who produces industrial hemp to increase its CBD content by watching the video.

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