How to Build a Successful Cannabis Brand

How to Build a Successful Cannabis Brand
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How to Build a Successful Cannabis Brand

Building a successful cannabis brand is key to the longevity of your cannabis business. Tom and Miggy visited Green Revolution, one of Washington’s leading cannabis manufacturers, and spoke with their marketing manager, Lily Jablonski. They discuss branding, trends in the cannabis industry, and the regulations around marketing a cannabis brand.

Building a cannabis brand notes:
0: 00 – Start of Cannabis Legalization News
0: 16 – Lily Jablonski, Marketing Manager, Green Revolution
0: 32 – What does a marketing manager in the cannabis industry do?
1: 13 – How do you develop branding for cannabis products?
2: 40 – Do you have to work with the regulators to get cannabis branding approved?
3: 20 – Cannabis industry trends 2021
4: 35 – Cannabis SKUs
5: 40 – What’s the difference between a Nano and a glycerin extract?
8: 00 – Cannabis success stories
9: 42 – Transitioninto theCannabis Industry

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