How to Choose a Safe and Clean Cannabis Product. A Parent’s Quest to Find the Best Medicine for His Son

How to Choose a Safe and Clean Cannabis Product. A Parent’s Quest to Find the Best Medicine for His Son

Presented At:
Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event 2018

Presented by:
Sebastien Cotte, Director and Board Member of the Flowering Hope Foundation

Speaker Biography:
Sebastien Cotte was actively involved in the medical marijuana industry in 2013 after he sought alternative treatments for Jagger’s rare terminal Mitochondrial disorder. Together, Annett and Sebastien Cotte moved to 2014, in Colorado as medical refugees. Jagger could then access cannabis oil from Colorado. After living in Colorado for 13 several months, they moved back to Georgia. Sebastien has a bachelor’s degree in international business and more 15 years of experience in business at many Fortune 500 businesses. His expertise includes human resources, training and process improvement, sales management, customer service, branding, and marketing. Sebastien has also completed the American for Safe Access Medical Marijuana Certification Program and is currently working on a few other industry certifications.

How to Choose a Safe and Clean Cannabis Product. The Search of the Best Medicine for Their Son
Webinar Abstract:
We are witnessing a “green rush” of people trying to sell cannabis products to patients and parents, with 46 states currently having some kind of medical cannabis program. Not all companies have safe, reliable, and clean products on the market. We will be presenting three principles that can help you choose the best cannabis product. We’ll discuss what to look out for when purchasing a cannabis product, and how patients/parents can feel more confident about their cannabis products by following these simple steps.
Learning Objectives:
Learn how to get a safe and clean cannabis product
Learn about the different types of laboratory testing for cannabis
Learn the basics of different extraction methods for medical cannabis products

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