How to Make Hash – Cannabis Craftsmanship

How to Make Hash – Cannabis Craftsmanship

How is hash made? Ever wondered how the cannabis hash you see on dispensary shelves is made? Or maybe you just wanted to make your own. We visited Sugarleaf Farm, Skagit County in Washington, to learn how they make their pressed haveh.

Mark Brinn, the owner of Sugarleaf farm and Funky Skunk Extracts, showed us how he concentrates cannabis to make pressed bricks. Mark uses a modern approach to traditional hash-making methods and creates concentrates using a completely mechanical process. He does not use any solvents or butane to extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

Are you a fan of pressed hash? Mark’s step by step instructions are shown in this video. Feel free to share your experiences below. Don’t forget Leafly’s YouTube channel to catch the next episode of Cannabis Craftsmanship and many more!

We are grateful to Mark Brinn, Sugarleaf Farms, and Funky Skunk Extracts who showed us how they make their hash.
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This product can cause dependence and intoxication. Marijuana may impair judgment, coordination, concentration and judgement. You should not drive or operate machinery while under the influence. Consuming this drug could pose health risks. Only for adults over 21 years old. Keep it out of reach of children.

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