The History of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System – Explained! 🌱

The History of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System – Explained! 🌱

Cannabis is one of the most ancient medicinal plants known to man. And up until 1937 it was the third most prescribed medicine in the United States with over 2000 preparations made by some 280 producers, including major pharmaceutical firms like park Davis Squibb, Pfizer and Eli Lilly.

All of that came to a screeching halt in 1937 upon implementation of the marijuana tax act to be later replaced by the controlled substances act in 1970 marking an 80 year absence in our country of opportunities for research and development on cannabis associated medicinals prior to the end of alcohol prohibition, Harry Anslinger who would later become the treasury department’s first commissioner of the federal Bureau of narcotics had claimed that “cannabis was not a problem, did not harm people”.

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His critics argue he shifted positions not due to objective evidence, but self-interest because of the obsolescence of the department of prohibition which he headed when alcohol prohibition ceased. In other words, his position change was nothing more than a politically motivated maneuver to retain another high profile position elsewhere with the federal Bureau of narcotics as he began a systematic campaign targeting cannabis. By the time the 1970 controlled substances act replaced the marijuana tax act, cannabis had been relegated to a position as a schedule one controlled substance and classified as illegal because of high abuse potential, no medicinal use and severe safety concerns.

This put cannabis on par with drugs like heroin and LSD, the most dangerous of all drugs, all being banned for prescription. And this storied history is the reason why we have so little validated research available here in the United States on the medicinal benefits of cannabis up until the end of 2018 it was simply illegal to work with.

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